Oroshi soba (or Echizen soba noodle) is one of the famous local food in Fukui, Japan. It is basically soba served with a lot of grated radish. The history of soba in Fukui goes back to the Edo Period some 400 years ago when the first domain lord ordered the farmers to grow buckwheat as the staple food so that the community can stay out of starvation. Today, soba remains a local favorite food and soba noodle restaurants are everywhere. Established 90 years ago, Echizen Soba no Sato is one of the premium soba companies specializing in soba noodle. The company is now running by the third generation. Since 2002, the company has started to grow their own buckwheat in Hokkaido and Fukui, completely the supply chain. Their business has grown beyond just selling soba noodles as well. They have made other products as well. One of the interesting things is the soba ice cream! When you visit Fukui, not only you may taste Oroshi soba, but also try to make some for you and your friends and family. It…

Nesting on the west coast by the Sea of Japan, Tsuruga is one of the three oldest port open for international trade since 1899. As one of the major connection to Europe through Trans-Siberian Railway, Tsuruga city flourished since 1900s. In 1994, Sakana Machi has become the largest coastal fish market by the Sea of Japan, bringing in fresh seafood from Tsuruga Port every day. The fish market has 70 shops and restaurants selling a variety of fresh seafood, processed and packaged seafood and food stuff, as well as souvenirs.

Bamboo products such as baskets and household goods have been traditional crafts in the past and become less desirable in modern days. It is a pleasure surprise to see the improvised products using bamboo to make collectable items and modernised goods in Fukui Japan. Echizen Bamboo Doll Village (Take-ningyo no Sato) is a unique museum, workshop and gallery/shop in one location where you may see some award-winning bamboo dolls display, observe bamboo dolls-making demonstration, and try to make one yourself.

Founded in 1884, Haiya is a traditional onset in Awara Onsen area of Fukui Japan. The hotel lobby, public bath and main entrance were renovated in 2006. Some of the hotel rooms are also newly renovated. The hotel is well maintained with a nice Japanese garden, shop, spa, bar, event halls, 15 themed room with direct access to the garden, 6 of which has private onsen, and 35 other Japanese rooms on the upper floors (15 of which are garden view and decorated with Echizen Washi. It is one of the famous traditional Japanese hotels in Awara Onsen area.

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