Designed by a renowned award-winning architect Zaha Hadid, Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) is the world’s largest three-dimensional amorphous architectural structure with 45,133 external aluminium panels that are all different in size, curve and pattern. Zaha Hadid, or should be called Dame Zaha Hadid, DBE is an Iraqi-British architect who was the first woman recipient of the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2004. With a design concept of “Metonymic Landscape” and reminiscent of flowing water, DDP adopts a fluid design with curved walls and a free-form shape. This beautiful three-dimensional amorphous structure employs an innovative design approach called Building Information Modeling (BIM) as well as mega-trusses and a space frame to minimize the use of columns and create a massive open space. It is spectacular on the outside and breath-taking inside.

Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) is the newest and most iconic landmark of the Korean design industry. In addition to the art halls, the whole area inside out are filled with interesting designer products and display. I remember seeing an international brand creating a special design road show to enhance it brand awareness and uplift its artistic image. In light of the vast space at DDP, this article will focus on the outdoor display of designer art work. I will write more about other areas in separate posts.

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