Autumn is one of the best seasons travelling to Japan. The shades of yellow to orange to red foliage have made the garden, castle and the shrines look more beautiful. Not only the day, but also at night. Some major tourist destinations would organize specials events and illumination at night for the visitors. Okayama Castle is the symbol of Okayama Prefecture in Japan. The main tower was completed in 1597 but completely destroyed during World War II. Then it was replicated in 1966 with concrete and built in an elevator for easy access to the top. With a black exterior, the castle is also called the Crow Castle. Please do not confuse it with Matsumoto Castle in Nagano, Japan, which is called the Crow Castle. Matsuomoto Castle is named “karasu-jō” in Japanese while Okayama Castle is “U-jō”. While they may all look similar yet different in many way, particularly the interior, the moat and surrounding environment, making each one of them unique in its own way. Visiting Okayama in autumn, the best time is to catch the illumination and event…

Ever thought about visiting a university campus for autumn foliage? The Hokkaido University is a great place to see gingko trees and the color in the city of Sapporo, Hokkaido Japan. Locating just 10 minutes on foot from Sapporo JR station North Exit, this 140 years old campus offers leisure walk, historic buildings, gingko avenue and beautiful landscape. It’s particularly beautiful in autumn.

If you have limited time visiting Hokkaido for the autumn foliage, the Shikotsu-Toya National Park is a nice place to visit because of its proximity to Sapporo. Locating west of Chitose, Lake Shikotsu was formed by volcanic activity more than 40,000 years ago. It’s the northernmost non-freezing lake in Japan with visibility to the depth of 25 meters. The lake area is a popular outing destination with walking trail, lodging, onsen and boating activities. Be it a day-trip or a weekend getaway, it’s nice.

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