Kurjey Lhakhang is an important temple complex in Central Bhutan where Guru Rinpoche left a body print after his meditation in a cave. In 1962, the first temple was built and dedicated to Guru Rimpoche. In fact, the temple is named after his body print: Kur (body) jey (print) Lhakhang (temple). The temple complex is impressive with a huge front yard. Each of the temple has multi-levels. Of course the most important one is the Guru Lhakhang where the holiest place is. The entrance to the temple is one level above ground where there is a large incense burner. In Bhutan, cypress trees are abundant and considered valuable natural resources. People burn branches and leaves of cypress trees as incense. The structure of the temples is as spectacular as the fortresses with huge white washed walls and delicate wood carving and hand paintings. The second temple was built by the first king when he was still the Governor of Trongsa in 1900. The third temple was built by the queen of the third king. This temple complex the final resting…

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