Spring Onion is one of the famous agricultural products in Three Stars Township in Yilan County of Taiwan. What’s so special about the spring onion from Yilan? Of course the local said that the ones grown in Three Stars Township taste better and a lot more expensive than other spring unions. All attributable to the unpolluted environment, fresh water from the upper stream, rich soil and suitable weather.  How serious are the locals with spring onion? Well, there are competitions every year to name the champion, first and second runner-ups of making the pancakes. While most recipes use spring union as garnish or toppings, people here use it as the main ingredient to make pancakes. In this trip, I have tasted spring onion pancakes from three different shops and I prefer this one. This farm offers DIY workshops for groups and individuals to make it. Depending on your time and mood, you may start from going down to the field to pick your own spring onions, wash them, to making flour dough to wrapping the finished spring onion cakes. It is…

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