Strolling around Yufuin

Blessed with a beautiful twin-peaked Mount Yufu backdrop, a nice lake and farm houses converted into cafes and souvenir shops, Yufuin is a charming onsen town in Oita Prefecture, Kyushu Japan. Locating about 2 hours drive from Hakata, it is a great outskirt getaway for tourists.

Lake Kinrin-ko is the main scenic spot about half an hour away on foot from Oita Station. “Kinrin” means golden fish-scale. The name was an exclamation made by a poet who visited the lake and praised its natural stunning environment and the glitter on the water. Sure enough, you will see some wild golden color koi fish in the video. There is a little shrine by the lake and a torii (a gate in Japanese shrines) in the lake. Truly lovely!

Between the lake and Oita Station is a long strip of road lined with cafes, souvenir shops and galleries, offering a relaxing walking area where you can shop and munch all the way. Ryokan, Onsen and hotels are spread out.

This charming quaint onsen town is now packed with tourists at the weekends and peak season. You will have to walk a little further way or stay there to enjoy a quiet morning and evening. Most of the shops are closed by 5-6pm.

Public transportation:
1) JR – 2 hours from Hakata to Oita, then switch a local train to Oita (another 1 hour)
2) Express bus – 2 hours from Hakata Bus Terminal

– Yufuin has been so popular that you will have to book the express buses at least 1 day in advance.
– If you are lugging your baggages, there are only very few lockers available at Oita Station and the Bus Terminal near Oita Station. You may not be able to get one during weekends and peak season.


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