Autumn in Korea

Skywalk in Chuncheon

This Uiamho Lake skywalk is only 12 meters above the surface of the water yet looks daring to walk on. Like many other sky walks, the floor is transparent so you would feel like walking in the sky (or above water in this case).

The whole experience of this new attraction is nice. First, it’s a new destination. So there aren’t that many tourists yet. Once it becomes popular, it is not possible to take photos without capturing other people.

Second, the Uiamho Lake Skywalk is built as an extension from a bike path in the lake area of Chuncheon, which is famous for the surrounding lakes and rivers that offers a relaxing environment for hiking, camping, biking and canoeing types of outdoor activities. The Uiamho is a large lake with two islands in the middle. You may rent a wooden canoe to paddle around for an hour or two and enjoy the natural environment in a different way. I will try that next time I visit.

On a cloudless sunny day, it is beautiful everywhere!

Travel smart: there is a cafe in the area where you can get a coffee and ask for help to call a taxi.

The road to skywalk 前往 skywalk 的道路
Getting there is pretty easy: take a taxi from South Chuncheon station, then walk along this sidewalk. 前往 Skywalk 最簡單是在南春川站搭的士,十幾分鐘。下車後沿行人路直走。
Uiamho Lake Skywalk bike/foot path 衣岩湖的 Skywalk
There were not many people on the path. Love it! 沿路沒有幾個遊人,可以輕輕鬆鬆慢慢走,太好了!
Uiamho Lake in Chuncheon of South Korea 韓國春川衣岩湖
The Uiamho Lake is in sight on the right side of the path. 沿步道行不久就可以看到衣岩湖。
Uiamho Lake Skywalk 衣岩湖 Skywalk
The skywalk observatory deck is in the middle of the bike path. 衣岩湖的 skywalk 就在單車道的中間。
Uiamho Lake Skywalk in Chuncheon 春川依岩湖 Skywalk
Getting excited walking close to the Skywalk. 看到Skywalk就在前面,心情興奮。
衣岩湖 Skywalk 觀景台
Extending from the bike lane, the Skywalk observation deck is 12 meters above the lake. 衣岩湖的 Skywalk 觀景台在單車徑中間伸延出去,離湖面12公尺。


Uiamho Lake Skywalk Observatory Deck 韓國春川衣岩湖觀景台
Every one has to take off their shoes before they step on the transparent observatory deck. 所有人必須脫鞋才可以踏入透明底的 ”天空之路“ 觀景台。
Uiamho Lake Skywalk observatory deck衣岩湖 Skywalk觀景台
There is a compass with Chinese characters in the middle of the deck. Here, you can get a panoramic view of the lake. Very nice! 觀景台中間有一個有漢字的方位圖,這裏可以在水中央欣賞衣岩湖的美景。秋高氣爽大藍天的日子最適合郊遊,正!
Canoeing in Uiamho Lake of Chuncheon 春川衣岩湖獨木舟
Canoeing is one of the major activities in the lake. There are a few routes where you can paddle for an hour or two. 獨木舟是這裏主要的活動之一,有幾個方向可以玩一兩個小時。

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