Shinshu Soba Since 1907 in Karuizawa

Shinshu soba (buckwheat noodle) is a not-to-be-missed type of food when travelling to Nagano Prefecture because that’s where one of the best buckwheat noodles origins with the right climate and environment for growing high quality buckwheat. There are always many choices of soba restaurants every where.

Takamitei is a 100-year-old soba restaurant locating near the Karuizawa station, since 1907.

高美亭本店 Takamitei Soba in Karuizawa
Handmade soba since 1907! Good enough to give it try.
高美亭蕎麥麵 Takamitei Soba in Karuizawa
The restaurant still looks very traditional. There are quite a lot of autographed cards on the wall, showing off its popularity.
高美亭蕎麥麵 Takamitei Soba in Karuizawa
I ordered a hot tempura soba. The shrimp was bigger than the bowl! Delicious!
高美亭蕎麥麵 Takamitei Soba in Karuizawa
The owner insisted that all buckwheat noodles are made according to the weather to deliver the best taste. There are quite a few choices of soba, hot and cold.
高美亭蕎麥麵 Takamitei Soba in Karuizawa
Besides, there are a few choices of rice set for lunch and dinner.
Takamitei Soba in Karuizawa 高美亭本店
Takamitei Soba
Address: 8-2 Karuizawahigashi, Kitasaku-gun, Karuizawa-machi 389-0104, Nagano Prefecture
Tel: 0267-42-2481
地址:〒389-0104 北佐久郡軽井沢町軽井沢東8-2 (輕井澤前北口)

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