Shenzhen Safari Park

Set up in 1993, Shenzhen Safari Park was a national run zoo until end of 2007. It is now a subsidiary of Shenzhen Travel Holdings Limited. Over the past 10 years, the zoo had undergone lots of changes and improvements, adding aquariums and kangaroo gardens.

The park is really spacious even if you don’t know how big 600,000 square meter is. There are lots of animals and the living conditions for each types of animal are good. Most of them look healthy which is a good indication. Tigers, lions, leopards, bears, wolfs, zebras, giraffes, ostriches, deer, yak, oryx, hippos, rhinoceros, giant pandas, penguins, flamingo, pelicans and more. There are several feeding and riding experience at extra costs. Shenzhen Safari Park was the first zoo in China with uncaged animals. The walking observation path of lions, tigers and bears was great but it wasn’t feature in the video (I already ran out off camera battery by the time I got there). Next time.

With the availability of High Speed Railway connecting Hong Kong and China, the Shenzhen Safari Park is conveniently accessible: 20 minutes from Hong Kong to North Shenzhen station, take Shenzhen subway (Line 5) to Xili station (西麗站)(4 stops), switch Line 7 to Xili Lake Station (one stop). A total of 5 stops. It is the same way when you return.

High Speed Railway Station 高鐵站
The first photo spot is the border between Hong Kong and mainland China at the High Speed Railway Station.
Shenzhen Subway 深圳地鐵
The Shenzhen subway cars are the similar to Hong Kong, with caring seats. This section was not crowded.
Shenzhen Safari Park 深圳野生動物園
You will see this sign right outside of the subway station. Simply follow this and walk about 10 minutes to the main entrance.
Shenzhen Safari Park 深圳野生動物園
This is the main entrance of the Safari Park (Zoo). Address: 465 Xili Rd, Nanshan Qu, Shenzhen Shi. Tel: 0755-26622888. Opening hours: 09:30~18:00 (Last entrance 17:00)
Watching Giraffes 深圳動物園看動物
It was the first zoo with uncaged animals in China. The living environment of each types of animals was good.
Feeding giraffes 餵飼長頸鹿
There are several feeding animal experience, including giraffes, zebras and bears. It costs RMB 20 to buy food.
Camel 駱駝
There are also a variety of riding animal experience. Costs varied.
Shenzhen Safari Zoo 深圳野生動物園
This spacious zoo is great for a day trip for families.
Xili Lake Subway Station 西麗湖地鐵站
Returning the same way, take the subway line towards Da An direction from Xili Lake Station, switch at “Xili Station” towards “North Shenzhen Station”. Take High Speed Railway back to Hong Kong. 回程也一樣, 「西麗湖站」往大安方向,在「西麗站」轉車至「深圳北站」,乘搭高鐵回香港,十分方便。

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