Sea of Japan Fish Market

Nesting on the west coast by the Sea of Japan, Tsuruga is one of the three oldest port open for international trade since 1899. As one of the major connection to Europe through Trans-Siberian Railway, Tsuruga city flourished since 1900s. In 1994, Sakana Machi has become the largest coastal fish market by the Sea of Japan, bringing in fresh seafood from Tsuruga Port every day. The fish market has 70 shops and restaurants selling a variety of fresh seafood, processed and packaged seafood and food stuff, as well as souvenirs.

Nihonkai Sakanamachi 日本海魚街
The fish market is very clean and all shops lined up orderly. It is very pleasant to walk around.
Nihonkai Sakanamachi 日本海魚街
If you are visiting the coastal area in the winter, crab meals are not-to-be-missed cuisine.
Nihonkai Sakanamachi 日本海魚街
Kani miso: it’s not the miso soup paste. This greyish green coloured paste is the crab’s brain, one of the delicacies of crab meal. Well, you may use it as liver pâte, put it on Tofu or salad.
Nihonkai Sakanamachi 日本海魚街
Grilled fish.
Nihonkai Sakanamachi 日本海魚街
Sea weeds and pickled seafood are abundant in the market. Free tasting is usually available.
Kanikui かに喰亭 ますよね
Kanikui(かに喰亭 ますよね) is the largest restaurants in the fish market where you may enjoy various seafood meal made with fresh fish from Tsuruga port every day.
かに喰亭 ますよね是魚市場內最大的餐廳,使用每天新鮮從敦賀港運到的海鮮做出各種海鮮飯和套餐。
Kanikui かに喰亭 ますよね
The restaurants can accommodate up to 150 customers. Private rooms for groups are available.
Kanikui かに喰亭 ますよね
There are rice bowl, sashimi set, combination with tempura lunch set. Lunch costs around ¥1,000-¥1,900. Crab meals in the winter may costs a bit more.
Nihonkai Sakanamachi 日本海魚街
Nihon-Kai Sakana Machi 
Address: 1-1531, Wakabacho, Tsuruga-shi, Fukui Japan
Tel: 0770-24-3800

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