Rokko-Shidare Observatory

The Rokko-Shidare Observatory near the Terrace Garden of Mt. Rokko is unique in every way. It looks like an outdoor artwork at a glance: a irregular see through mesh with a wooden stem.

The Observatory is designed by Mr. Hiroshi Sambuichi, an award-winning architect who advocates “details of earth” when designing his projects. His famous work is the “Inujima Seirensho Art Museum” which he brought a 100-year-old copper smelter back to life as an art museum and designed a natural cooling system for the venue.

Mt Rokko is about the nature and spectacular scenery. As an observatory, the Rokko-Shidare is designed as “giant tree” using real Yoshino cypress wood from Nara Prefecture, Japan. The massive “shade” is a mesh like canopy through which you will see the sky. Looking far, a spectacular view of Kobe city and the ocean is right in front of you. As you walk up into the observatory, you will feel and see different aspects of the nature of Mt. Rokko.

Roko-Shidare Observatory 六甲枝垂れ
It begins with the experience of walking through the Sun Room as you walk into the tree trunk. You will feel the temperature difference (warmth of the sun) as soon as you walk in. Pretty magical.
Roko-Shidare Observatory 六甲枝垂れ
Then you reach the “Wind Hole” which is a slid of open air window from which you will be able to observe the change of color and scenery in different seasons.
Roko-Shidare Observatory 六甲枝垂れ
Then center of the “tree trunk” is a resting area call the wind room. It remains nice an cool throughout the year without having to use any air-conditioning and ventilation system.
Roko-Shidare Observatory 六甲枝垂れ
The wonder of cooling effect is from the ice rooms built at the bottom. The ice were cut from the frozen water collected on the terrace outside the “cypress tree”. Yes, there is enough ice that lasts the whole summer so far.
Roko-Shidare Observatory 六甲枝垂れ
The cool air coming out from the bottom will go up to the open top, creating a natural circulation.
Rokko-Shidare Observatory 六甲枝垂れ
Hours: 10:00~21:00(Last entrance 20:30)
Entrance fee: ¥300 for adult, ¥200 for children aged 4~primary school.
開觀時間:10:00~21:00(最後入場 20:30)

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