Rokkatei Obihiro Main Shop

Rokkatei is famous for its sweets and cakes in Hokkaido. The Otaru shop is always packed with tourists. Locating in a walking distance from Obihiro JR station, Rokkatei main shop is a famous destination for dessert and coffee. It is a 3 stories tall building with a sweets shop, a cafe and an art gallery.

Rokkatei Ohibiro main branch 六花亭帶廣本店
Address of Rokkatei Obihiro main shop: 9 -6 Nishi 2-jo Minami, Obihiro-shi, Hokkaido.
Business hour: 09:00 – 19:00
Rokkatei Ohibiro main branch 六花亭帶廣本店
The shop is on the ground level. There are customers but not crowded.
Rokkatei Ohibiro main branch 六花亭帶廣本店
The famous strawberries with chocolate coating.
Rokkatei 六花亭
A sustainable brand never rests. There is always something new to attract repeat customers. These cakes are occasional and seasonal, looks great and I am sure very sweet.
Rokkatei 六花亭
Cafe is on the second level. The natural light is great and the furnitures are modern.
Rokkatei 六花亭
This is not the first time I visited the shop. Instead of the classic cakes, I ordered the season special. This is grilled mochi (rice cake) in red bean soup served in hot clay pot. ¥520.
Rokkatei 六花亭
Another season special: Premium chocolate cake with fresh cream made with the chocolate by Rokkatei. ¥400.
Rokkatei 六花亭
Chocolate with fresh cream (wine added) and almond slides: only available in Obihiro and Sapporo main branch. ¥390.
Rokkatei 六花亭
In addition to desserts and coffee, Rokkatei cafe also offer lunch menu such as pasta and pizza. I didn’t ordered everything in one go. I came here twice this trip.

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