Rinchenling Lodge in Bumthang

Rinchenling Lodge is one of the local three stars guest houses for foreign tourists in Bumthang, central Bhutan. There are around 20 standard rooms for twin sharing, a few deluxe rooms and 2 suites in an independent house.

Rinchenling Lodge
Rinchenling Lodge is near Jambay Lhakhang. This lodge is a non-smoking venue which is great for those who live a healthy lifestyle.
Rinchenling 旅館靠近簡培寺Jambay Lhakhang,最大特色是旅館全面禁煙,很適合崇尚自然健康的遊客。
Rinchenling Lodge
The reception area is pretty small.
Rinchenling Lodge
The restaurant is all wooden furnishing: ceiling, walls and floors are all wood, creating a warm and cosy ambience.
Rinchenling Lodge
When the weather is nice outside, there’s one long dining table outside that fits a group of 10 to 12 guests. Nice!
Rinchenling Lodge
I came here for lunch. Most of the dishes are fresh vegetables. Very healthy.
Rinchenling Lodge
These jams are homemade by the wild berries they pick from the neighborhood. They are very delicious to go with the homemade buckwheat pancakes.
Rinchenling Lodge
These are the guest rooms.
Rinchenling Lodge
Twin rooms are small yet it has everything you need: a dresser, a small wardrobe and a bench for luggage. Small is good for insulation in the winter.
Rinchenling Lodge
This is the traditional heater for burning wood in the winter. All woods are stored outside of the room.
Rinchenling Lodge
The bathroom of the standard guest room is very basic.
Rinchenling Lodge
There are two suites in Rinchenling Lodge. They are really spacious and nice.
Rinchenling Lodge
The luxurious traditional Bhutanese style suite uses electric heaters.
Rinchenling Lodge
King size bed, of course.
Rinchenling Lodge
The bathroom is also more spacious and modern.
Rinchenling Lodge
Traditional Bhutanese hot stone baths. It’s great for a couple for two friends to enjoy at the same time.
Rinchenling Lodge
There are many apple trees in the garden area in the middle. What you also see is also the laundry. It’s all natural and environmentally friendly.

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