Queen of Breakfast from New York to Japan

Japan is never short of coffee shops. So if you miss the breakfast serving time of your hotel or fancy trying something else other than your usual buffet, there are always many choices around JR stations, subway stations, and in commercial buildings and shopping malls.

There are more and more western restaurant setting up branches in Japan. This Sarabeth’s is from Manhattan, New York. There is a real Sarabeth, an award-winning jam-maker who started her humble jam business with her husband and business partner in 1981, and now owns a jam-factory, a bakery cafe and 9 restaurants. Sarabeth’s was named “No. 1 dessert restaurant in New York” by a survey and praised as “The Breakfast Queen of New York” by New York Magazine.

Sarabeth's Shinagawa
I first saw a picture of an eggs benedict in Lucua 1100 shopping mall at Osaka JR station. Then I walked by the restaurant again in Shinagawa, Tokyo. The open bakery kitchen makes it look like they are serious about creating fresh bakery. Looks good. I would give it a try one morning.
我第一次看到 Sarabeth’s 的廣告是一份 Eggs Benedict 的照片。然後再在東京品川看到餐廳,做麵包的廚房使用透明玻璃,讓客戶可以看到新鮮麵包的製作過程,很吸引,找一天過來試試。
Sarabeth's Shinagawa
Sunday brunch! I woke up late, skipped the hotel breakfast that serves till 9:30am only, then I came to the restaurant. There was a queue.
Sarabeth's Shinagawa
The interior decoration of the restaurant is comfortable with lights coming through the window. The furnitures are more conservative western feel.
Sarabeth's Shinagawa
I came here for eggs benedict, one of my favorite breakfasts!
我是為了班尼迪蛋而來的,egg benedict 是我最喜歡的早餐之一。
Sarabeth's Shinagawa
The class eggs benedict is one of the popular brunch menus: two round shape poached eggs topped with smoked ham, homemade Hollandaise sauce, paprika and chive. The muffin base is not English muffin though. American style may be? All food and drinks are a la carte. Price: ¥1,450.
經典班尼迪蛋是Sarabeth’s 的人氣早午餐:完美圓形的水煮嫩蛋上面有一片煙火腿、自家製荷蘭醬、甜辣椒和細香蔥。鬆餅底不是英國鬆餅,是美式糕點?餐廳沒有套餐,全部都是單點。單價¥1,450。
Sarabeth's Shinagawa
Cafe latte comes with a heart. Cappuccino has no specific pattern on it. They are ¥520 each. The coffee here was just okay.

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