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Parlor Kudamono Komachi

Kurashiki is one of the popular cities in Japan’s Seto Inland Sea, featuring a tranquil historical town lined with white-walled Japanese traditional residence, a beautiful Kurashiki Canal, and many unique shops, galleries, cafes and restaurants operating in the centuries old buildings.

Locating in the middle of the Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter, Kurashiki Yoimachi Garden is a unique venue for delicious food, small parties and events in a nice environment.

Kurashiki Yoimachi Garden 宵待ち
Kurashiki Yoimachi Garden is a 2 storey building built in the Taiso Period (1912~1926).
Kurashiki Yoimachi Garden 宵待ち
It features a back yard with a small natural bamboos forest.
Kurashiki Yoimachi Garden 宵待ち
The white-walled, wooden staircase hallway offers a retro look and feel. Nice!
Kurashiki Yoimachi Garden 宵待ち
The upper floor is a event and gallery space for workshops, meetings and exhibitions. Some rooms are also available for dining.
Kurashiki Yoimachi Garden 宵待ち
Established in 2015, Parlor Kudamono Komachi was the first fruit cafe in Okayama, offering fresh fruits grown locally in Okayama. Fruit pancake mades with seasonal fresh fruit ¥900.
果物小町於2015年創業,是岡山第一家水果咖啡店,使用水果王國產的新鮮水果製作各種美食。時令水果班戟 ¥900. 全部新鮮水果!
Kurashiki Yoimachi Garden 宵待ち
Home made soft cream with no additives nor artificial flavor.
Kurashiki Yoimachi Garden 宵待ち
The other attraction of this cafe is the pretty waitresses wearing Taisho Roman style uniforms, making it enjoyable and pleasant to have sweet and coffee here. Taisho Roman is the cultural styling of the Taisho Period where there was some Western influence in Japan.
Parlor Kudamoono Komachi is a fruit palor and cafe locating on the ground floor.
Hours: 10:00~18:00 (Monday closed)
Tel: 086-425-7733
營業時間 10:00~18:00 (休週一)

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