Night Market in Yilan

The Luodong night market (羅東夜市) is the only night market in Yilan. Everyone goes to Taiwan will visit at least one night market. In Yilan, you don’t have a lot of choices and there isn’t much to do at night.

Luodong night market is relatively small compared to those in Taipei yet there are good varieties. Snacking your way will make you full!

Yilan Luodong nigh market 宜蘭羅東夜市
Luodong nightmarket offers a good variety of traditional Taiwanese night market food. 宜蘭羅東夜市的食品選擇多。
Deep friends "soup cake" and porks are Yilan specialties. 糕渣及卜肉是宜蘭特產。
The deep fried “Soup Cake” and porks are specialties of Yilan. 糕渣及卜肉是宜蘭特產。
Close up of deep fried pork 卜肉近照
Close up of deep fried pork 卜肉近照
Yilan "Soup Cake" 宜蘭糕渣
Deep fried “Soup Cake” is made of chicken, pork and shrimp soup. It’s crisp outside and soft inside. 糕渣是由雞、豬肉、蝦米熬湯,然後油炸而成,內軟外脆,口感特別。
Braised Taiwanese snacks 台灣滷味
Assorted braised snacks are one of the classic food in Taiwanese nightmarket 滷味是台灣夜市的經典小吃之一
"Three Stars" onion cakes at Luodong night market 羅東夜市中的三星蔥餅
The “Three Stars” onion cakes are among the popular snacks in Yilan. There was a long queue at this stall. 三星蔥餅是宜蘭地道小吃,這一檔也大排長龍。
Onion cakes in Luodong night market. 羅東夜市三星蔥餅
This onion cake contains spring onion and minced pork. 這些三星蔥餅有蔥及豬肉碎。

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