Never Ending Shopping in Incheon

Shopping is probably the most popular activities for travellers visiting Korea, particularly in Seoul city. If you choose to go out of Seoul and spend a day in the new smart Incheon city, you won’t run out of shopping choices.

NC Cube Canal City
Locating right near the Songdo Central Park and across from the G Tower, NC Cube is a large shopping arcade that stretches 740 meters long.
NC Cube 位於松島中央公園附近,G Tower 對面(或後面),是一個740 米長,兩則有商店的大型購物商場,應有盡有。
NC Cube Canal City
The entrance from the front features a christmas tree made up by shells.
NC Cube Canal City
The center of the arcade is very nice: maple trees in the middle, semi-open roof, outdoor chairs and tables, creating a relaxing European atmosphere.
NC Cube Canal City
The NC Cube Canal City consists of 4 main blocks, namely Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.
NC Cube 共有4條大街(或4個區),分別以春、夏、秋、冬四季命名。
NC Cube Canal City
There is a major road between each block.
NC Cube Canal City
Among Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, this is my favorite entrance of the block. I like the European style which arch and the chess floor with a clock tower in the middle.
NC Cube Canal City
These golden balls hanging in the middle of the arcade look very festive. Not sure if there will be any lighting at night.
NC Cube Canal City
There are maple trees everywhere. I think this is a really nice place in autumn.
NC Cube Canal City
visiting during the week days, there weren’t that many people around. Nice and quiet for residence in the neighborhood to hang out.
NC Cube Canal City
There are umbrellas, chairs and tables in the middle. Many of them are public seats.
NC Cube Canal City
NC Cube Canal City features a long running water with fountain in the middle. But it was dried up for maintenance when I visited. Otherwise, it would be very nice.
NC Cube 名為「運河城市」,商場中間設有一條水道,有小噴泉。但我來的時候剛好是維修期,沒有水,不然環境十分不錯。
NC Cube Canal City
All shops are on both sides of the arcade, many of them are international well-known brands.
NC Cube Canal City
There’s a sculpture sign off at the end of each block. That’s something great about having space.
NC Cube Canal City
There are all kinds of restaurants along the “canal”. This is a British-style cafe.
NC Cube Canal City
Having said that, there are more dessert cafes and coffee shops than proper restaurants.
NC Cube Canal City
I was hungry and looking for a lunch. So I gave this Korean noodle shop a try. The decoration and atmosphere were nice.

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