Need a Luggage this Size to Travel?

Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) is the newest and most iconic landmark of the Korean design industry. In addition to the art halls, the whole area inside out are filled with interesting designer products and display. I remember seeing an international brand creating a special design road show to enhance it brand awareness and uplift its artistic image.

In light of the vast space at DDP, this article will focus on the outdoor display of designer art work. I will write more about other areas in separate posts.

DDP outdoor display 東大門戶外展覽裝飾
I think this is a Japanese lunch box. Not sure if there is a time it was actually a take out booth for selling lunch boxes. 這個看起來像一個巨型便當,不知道會不會在中午時段營業,真的售賣飯盒。
Outdoor display at DDP 東大門設計廣場屋外展覽擺設
So exciting to see this huge luggage. No more worries about buying too much. Will leave the carrying to the guys. 看到這麼大的行李箱很興奮,可以瘋狂購物,搬運就由男士效勞了。
DDP outdoor display 東大門戶外展覽裝飾
There was motor/car series exhibition last year. Basically anything with wheels. I believe this is a modern version of sedan chair. 去年有一個車的展覽,相信這兩部是古老有輪的橋。
DDP outdoor display 東大門戶外展覽裝飾
Is this a safety box with wheels? 這個是一個有輪的寶箱?
DDP outdoor exhibition 東大門設計廣場戶外展覽
I have never seen such a clean tuk-tuk bus. 我從來都沒有看過這樣乾淨的篤篤車。
airstream trailer
An airstream trailer 這部是氣流拖車
DDP outdoor exhibition 東大門戶外藝術展覽
There are also some art works that I am not sure what they are. 還有其他猜不到的藝術雕塑品。
Outdoor exhibition at DDP 東大門設計廣場的戶外展覽
A lovely huge dog from a distance. But it was made of crushed plastic bottles when you take a closer look. Looks quite dirty that you won’t want to touch it. 遠看是一隻可愛的大笨狗,近看是用壓扁的膠水樽做的。看起來很髒,你不會摸它。




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