Nanya Peculiar Rocks

If you go to Yilan or head east of Taiwan, driving along the northeast coastline is the best option when the weather is good. You will see the Pacific Ocean on the left hand side. The coastline is beautiful with lots of stopping points where you can hop off to take a short walk, take pictures and enjoy the scenery.

Nanya Peculiar Rocks are one of the scenic spots of the northeast coastline. The rock formation and sandstones are unique in its eroded form and texture. The combination of iron rich mineral and the force of water current erosion created a nice shade of orange color band and the the wavy lines to the rocks.

There are only a few parking space by the view point. In case you park across the road, please use the traffic light.


Nanya Peculiar Rocks 南雅奇石
Nanya Peculiar Rocks are the beginning of the strip of interesting rock formation along the northeast coast of Taiwan. 南雅奇石是東北角海岸線的開始,沿海岸線有許多特別的岩石。


The swirling rock tower at Nanya Peculiar Rocks. 南雅奇石的石塔
The swirling rock towel is the signature of Nanya Peculiar Rocks. It looks like a striped ice cream cone. 這裏最特別的是這座形似軟雪糕的石塔。

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