Autumn in Korea

Naejangsan National Park in Korea

Naejangsan is one of the most popular places for outing and hiking during autumn in Korea. I think that the easy 2.3 km long flat walking path filled with maple trees is the main reason. It is a really nice walk in the shades of maple trees and there is a small stream on the side.

At the end of the 2.3 km road/path is the beginning of some new routes: cable car up to the view point on top at an additional cost (not included in your entrance ticket), walk further to the Naejang Temple, and there are several hiking trails you can go further up the mountain. Depending on your time, most tourists won’t go on further hike because many of them come to Naejangsan from Seoul on a day trip. It takes about 3 hours one way. And the sun goes down after 5pm.

The first time I visited a few years ago was the best. It was less crowded. You could sit and take pictures everywhere and walk to the wooden pavilion in the Naejan Temple. Now, the road is busy with many shuttle buses and cars. Grass areas and trees are mostly barricaded.  To me, it was too crowded even on the week days.

Travel tips: try to stay in Jeongeup or Naejangsan for a night and go the national park early morning and avoid the weekends.

Neajangsan in Korea 韓國內藏山
The weather is getting warmer and warmer each year. The national park is still half green in the first week of November. 天氣越來越暖,今年十一月初內藏山公園還是一半綠色的。
Picnic in Naejangsan 內藏山野餐
Many people picnic in the park. For the tourists, it is recommended that you bring your own lunch or have one before your hike because you will be spending hours there. 內藏山有許多人野餐。我也建議遊客入國家公園前先吃午餐,或帶三明治入公園。公園內很大,你會花好幾個小時才會離開。

Crowded in Naejangsan 內臟山人流太多
This is the first year I have seen the tree and grass areas were barricaded. Too crowded. 今年是我看到第一次大部份草地及楓葉樹被攔起來。實在是太多人了!
The lake in Naejangsan 內臟山的湖
The lake with a blue pavilion is where you can take a cable car up to the higher view point and where the shuttle buses stop. 這個湖中有一個藍色的湖心亭是穿梭巴士的終點,你可以選擇坐纜車到山上的展望台。
Naejang temple 內藏寺
The big ginkgo tree is one hot photo spot in Naejang Temple. It’s pretty when the tree turns all yellow and the leaves cover the ground. 這棵銀杏樹時內藏寺內的大景點。當整棵樹變黃,銀杏葉滿地時最美。
Naejang temple 內藏寺
The colors! Too bad this wooden pavilion is now barricaded in Naejang temple. 內藏寺的木亭是取景的地方,可惜現在都不能上去了!



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