Modernized Fried Chicken Noodle in Suwon

On the day of hiking along the Suwon Hwaseong Fortress from Paldalmun to Seojangdae Command Post (the section from the South Gate to the West Gate), I took a lunch break by walking down the stairs back to the Palace which is the center of the Fortress. That’s where the shops and restaurants are.

Fried chicken is one of the famous food in Suwon. Not going to the fried chicken street at the point, getting a chicken noodle is a good option. Well, it’s still fried chicken.

Suwon Huaseong Fortress 水原華城
From the Palace towards the direction of Paldalmun (South), the whole street is dedicated to shops and restaurants.
Suwon Huaseong Fortress 水原華城
It was a bit late for lunch so I quickly browse around and picked this restaurant where it says “Korean Udon Noodle” in English.
Korean udon noodle shop
It was nice and clean inside.
Korean udon noodle shop
There are only two types of noodles in the menu. I ordered this fried chicken udon which comes with some vegetables, kimchi and pickles. It looks good!
Chicken udon at Suwon
What’s great about this noodle is that it is served with a finger gloves (for thumb and index finger) and a pair of scissor for cutting the chicken leg. Very fancy. I like it!
Chicken udon at Suwon
A close up of my holding fingers and the crispy chicken leg.
Chicken udon at Suwon
The fried chicken tasted crispy and the leg still juicy. It was nice. The owner said that this shop was newly opened and he was planning for some franchising business. You may be able to try it in Seoul in the near future.

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