Matsumoto Castle Town

Matsumoto Castle was originally built with 3 rings of moats. After the Meiji Restoration, most of the outer-most ring was filled to make ways for cosmopolitan development. However, you may still experience a leisure walk around a tranquil and clean castle town near Matsumoto Castle with souvenir shops, cafes, restaurants, and more than 20 natural drinkable spring water within 10 minutes walk between JR Matsumoto Station and Matsumoto Castle.

Nawati Dori 繩手通
This battling frog sculpture marks one end of the Nawati Dori which is a castle down shopping street of Matsumoto.
Nawate Dori 繩手町
Nawate Dori (Frog Street) is a row of about 50 small shops selling a variety of Japanese souvenirs and snacks where you can get a feel for strolling around an old castle down.
Kaeru Daimyojin Shrine 青蛙大明神
The story of frogs: Kajika Frogs was abundant in the old days before the flood and contamination of Metoba River. Now there is a little shrine worshipping frogs on the street as part of the restoration project to bring back the lively atmosphere here.
青蛙故事: 當年護城河清澈,繩手通可以聽到河鹿蛙嘓嘓的悅耳歌聲。1959年的颱風把繩手通上的所有建築物沖走,河川被污染,青蛙逐漸銷聲匿跡。現在可以看到繩手通上設有一個小小的「青蛙大明神」,也開始整治河川,繩手通又再度可以聽到青蛙的悅耳歌聲,所以繩手通又名為かえる。
Nawate Dori (Frog Street) 繩手町
There are souvenir shops, cafes and small restaurants on the street.
Nawate Dori 繩手通
Of course there won’t be a shortage of frog-themed toys and accessories.
Yohashira Shrine 四柱神社
Locating in the middle of the Nawate Street, Yohashira Shrine was a popular Japanese shrine that worships 4 gods, including Amaterasu, the goddess of sun in Japan. This is where the prosperous Nawate Dori began as people come to pay respect.
Metoba River 女鳥羽川
Nakamachi Street (Central Street) is on the other side of the red brige. You may get a good view of Metoba River which flows through the central area of Matsumoto City.
Nakamachi 中町通
Nakamachi is one of the original main commercial streets in the Edo Period and is lined by buildings with traditional contrasting black and white-colored wall. These merchant houses or store houses are now nice little shops, cafes and bars.
松本城下町 Matsumoto Castle Town
The other unique sightseeing spots in Matsumoto castle town are the collection of natural spring water in the downtown area. Tourists are free to bring a bottle and drink the fresh underground water for free.

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