Matcha + Sakura Afternoon Tea

Fancy a modern Japanese style afternoon tea in Osaka? Kanmi Koyori (かんみこより) is a nice place to have a lunch/afternoon tea break in Umeda shopping area.

Kanmi Koyori in Nu+ Chayamachi. かんみこより
The restaurant is crowded at the weekends with many local people (mostly young couples) lining up for tables. The restaurant has a capacity of 20 tables location on 2F of Nu+ Chayamachi. The cafe is semi-opened with good ambience.
かんみこより 咖啡室沒有中文名字,十分地道。位於 Nu+ 茶屋町 2F商場中間。週末有不少年輕情侶排隊吃午餐/下午茶,餐廳只有約20席座位,環境舒適。
Kanmi Koyori in Nu+ Chayamachi. かんみこより
Coming here for afternoon tea, I ordered the Sakura Matcha Spring Special Set.
かんみこより  Kanmi Koyori at Nu+ Chayamachi
The tea set comes with two slides of soft Matcha cakes, a bowl of mixed Japanese dessert with red beans, mixed fruits, a scoop of ice-cream and anmitsu gelatin sweets, and a cup of nice Japanese coffee. Delicious! ¥950 per set.
套餐包括兩件鬆軟的抹茶蛋糕、日本甜品有紅豆、雜果、雪糕、和櫻花味あんみつ (啫哩狀日本甜品),還有一杯味道不錯的日本咖啡。美味可口,份量十足!¥950一份。
かんみこより  Kammi Koyori at Nu+
Matcha Parfait Set with a couple of warabi-mochi, and a coffee. ¥800.
抹茶芭菲套餐有兩個蕨餅和一杯咖啡。¥800 一份。
Nu+ Chayamachi
Address:NU plus 2F, 8-26, Chayamachi, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka, 530-0013. Nu+ Chayamachi is behind Nu Chayamachi, next to the Loft in Umeda.
地址:Nu+ 茶屋町2樓。u+ 茶屋町位於 Nu 茶屋町後面,在梅田Loft 旁邊。

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