Lunch with Peter Rabbit

Rokko Mountain is a range of mountains in Hyogo Prefecture, close to Osaka, Kobe city and accessible by cable car from Arima Onsen, offering a convenient and nice getaway from the busy city life. While surrounded by nature with the highest peak at 931 meters, the National Park area is well designed with several scenic spots, attractions, shopping and dining facilities.

Rokko Garden Terrace
Rokko Garden Terrace is a place where you can enjoy nice meal, shopping and beautiful scenery.
Granite Cafe
Granite Cafe is the newest French restaurant in the complex, offering nice meal and coffee.
Granite Cafe 是花園露台最新的法式餐廳,提供精緻午餐、簡餐及咖啡。
Granite Cafe 六甲山花園露台法國餐廳
The interior is simply cosy with window facade facing a spectacular panoramic view.
Granite Cafe
The terrace of the restaurant offers a spectacular view of Kobe city.
Kate with Peter Rabbit
The British Fair features Peter Rabbit, a classic children story made into movie in 2018. So there are cartoon characters every where, making it even more enjoyable to have lunch here.
Lunch with Peter Rabbit 與彼得兔午餐
Lunch with Peter Rabbit! The British style set lunch comes with a soup, salad, roast beef and bread. ¥2,160.
Peter Rabbit Bun 家製彼得兔麵包
Add ¥270 to replace regular bread with this adorable Peter Rabbit home-made bun. Of course!
Organic Coffee at Granite Cafe 有機咖啡
Last, an organic coffee. How nice!

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