Lunch & Tea Breaks in Trongsa

It takes about 8 hours to drive from west of Bhutan to Bumthang in Central region. Trongsa is the gateway to the central region and is often one of the places where you take a break for lunch and or coffee. While there may be many options but I can only recommend and share what I have experienced first hand.

Yangkhil Resort in Trongsa
When you stop over for lunch in Trongsa, this Yangkhil Resort is probably one of the best in the area. The walkway to the main entrance is very pleasant: a row of prayer wheels on one side and traditional windows on the other.
假如你要在通薩吃午餐或住宿,這間 Yangkhil Resort 是這裏最好的酒店之一。酒店餐廳入口會經過一排經輪,另一邊是傳統不丹窗戶,經過已經感覺良好。
Yangkhil Resort in Trongsa
The entrance of the restaurant.
Yangkhil Resort in Trongsa
Most of the hotels and restaurants in Bhutan offer buffet lunch, particularly during high season.
Yangkhil Resort in Trongsa
Lunch buffet usually comes with rice, vegetables and some meat. If you have special diet such as no beef and pork, your travel agent may arrange something for you in advance. When it comes to service, it varies depending on your agent and costs. I was thrilled at this delicious grilled chicken arranged for me.
Yangkhil Resort in Trongsa
My choice of lunch: lots of vegetables and grilled chicken.
Trongsa Bhutan 不丹通薩
For a very long drive, there is often another coffee/tea break, this is the town area of Trongsa.
Oyster House in Trongsa
This Oyster House is a bar and restaurant with a pool table. It is a popular place for young people.
這家 Oyster House 酒吧餐廳除了有餐飲也有桌球,很受年輕人歡迎。
Oyster House in Trongsa
No smoking inside the restaurant. There is a bar counter, couches and tables.
Oyster House
It is a comfortable place with some traditional Bhutanese furnishing and European-style furnitures.
Oyster House
You may also choose to sit outside if you like the sun. It’s a place more for stretching your legs and a break rather than a nice cup of coffee. The tea is fine and your guide may bring some snacks along when you have tea/coffee.

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