Kyushu Travel for Families – Part 1

Thank you for coming to the sharing section of Kyushu Travel for Families held in Joint Publishing Hong Kong on 17th December 2017. The following slides are the tourist attractions of each prefectures in Kyushu Japan mentioned in the presentation. Local cuisines and highlights of theme parks, museums and aquariums in Kyushu will be covered in the other articles.

Flights between Kyushu Japan and Hong Kong 香港來回日本九州的航班
First of all, pick your base. There are daily flights to Fukuoka and Kagoshima, and twice weekly to Miyazaki and Kumamoto from Hong Kong.
Kyushu JR Passes 九州鐵路周遊券
One of the easy ways to travel around Kyushu is to use JR Passes. There is a North Kyushu Pass, a South Kyushu Pass and an All-Kyushu Pass. So you will have to plan and work out which one suits you best. Children under 6 years old are free but they won’t get any assigned seats either. So you will have to choose free seating cars of the train or put them on your laps.
Fukuoka 福岡
Fukuoka is the gateway to Kyushu with many international direct flights from around the world and it is the closest prefecture to the main island of Japan.
Hakata City Map 博多市地圖
Hakata City is the most prosperous city in Kyushu, providing the best shopping and dining options. Besides, you may visit many other tourist destinations such as Saga, Beppu, Yufuin, Kumamoto, Huis Ten Bosch in Nagasaki on a day trip.
Attractions in Saga 佐賀景點
Locating just 20 minutes by train from Hakata, Saga is the most famous place for the Saga Beef. What’s more, you may visit all the historic buildings and most of the museums for free.
Attractions in Nagasaki 長崎景點
Huis Ten Bosch is the most popular theme park in Nagasaki which is accessible by JR train directly from Hakata. So you may visit the park for a day trip if that’s the only place you want to visit. There are a lot of other tourist attractions in Nagasaki city. However, you will have to stay in Nagasaki over other areas because it is quite far away from Fukuoka.
Attractions in Oita 大分景點
Oita offers many attractions for families. There is an African Safari, Harmonyland (Hello Kitty and friends theme park), a natural park with wild monkeys, an amazing aquarium, Beppu and Yufuin.
大分縣有最多特色親子遊景點,包括非洲野生動物園、和諧樂園(Hello Kitty 人物主題公園)、可以看野生猴子的自然動物園、水族館、由布院和別府。
Attractions in Kumamoto 熊本景點
Kumamoto castle and some historic sites damaged during the earthquake are still closed. The ropeway up to Mount Aso is also closed due to the recent activities. However, some sightseeing places are still opened. Please make sure you check the latest update before you head over to avoid disappointment.
Attractions in Kagoshima 鹿兒島景點
With daily direct flights, Kagoshima is also a good base for Hong Kong travellers. The active volcano Sakurajima, aquarium, historic sites and the delicious local cuisines have made it a desirable travel destination.
Attractions in Myazaki 宮崎縣的景點
Myazaki is a very long prefecture with a coastline along the beautiful Pacific Ocean. There are a few unique tourist destinations which can be visited in 1 day using a bus pass.

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