Kumamoto Sightseeing Update May 2017

The series of earthquakes including a magnitude 6.2 foreshock and a 7.0 mainshock had caused severe damage in April 2016, including the famous Kumamoto Castle which was rebuilt in 1960. It will take decades to repair and restore the castle and the unique stone walls.

Besides, many of the tourist attractions remain closed or only open with limited access and schedule. If you are planning to visit, please get the latest update from the tourism office.

The following is the status of the sightseeing spots in Kumamoto as of May 2017:


  • Kumamoto Castle
  • Kumamoto City Museum
  • Former residence of Hosokawa Gyobu
  • Kumamoto Prefectural Art Museum (branch)
  • Yokoi Shonan Memorial Hall (Shijiken)
  • Kitaoka Natura Park
  • Riddell and Wright Memorial Hall
  • Goko Memorial Hall
  • “Jane’s Residence” Home of Kumamoto’s First Western School Teacher
  • Kumamoto City Tsuawara Historical Folklore Museum
  • Honmyoji Temple Treasure House
  • Ishimitsu Makiyo’s Home
  • Limited Open

  • Sakura-no-baba Johsalen Sakura no Koji
  • Former residence of Natsume Soseki (open garden only)
  • Kenmotsudai Arboretum
  • Former residence of Koizumi Yakumo
  • Tatsuda Nature Park
  • Tokutomi Memorial Hall
  • Kumamoto City Zoological & Botanical Gardens (open weekends & holidays only)
  • Open

  • Sakura-no-baba Johsalen Waku Waku Za
  • Kumamoto Prefectural Art Museum
  • The Hosokawa Collection Gallery
  • Prefectural Traditional Crafts Center
  • Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto
  • Shimada Museum of Art
  • Mimiage-no-kadogoya
  • Water Science Museum
  • Gotou Zezan Memorial Hall
  • Suizenji Jojuen
  • Kumamoto Museum of Literature and History
  • Kumamoto City Handicrafts Promotion Center
  • Reigando Cave/Gohyaku Rakan/Unganzenji Temple
  • Kumamoto City Tabaruzake Seinan Civil War Museum
  • Kumamon Square
  • Higo no Satoyama Gallery
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