Korean Restaurant with Japanese Izakaya Feel

A busy commercial and shopping area, and an interchange for two major subway lines, Seomyeon is considered the heart of Busan where you see more locals than tourists. The bars and restaurant area near the subway station exit 6 and 4 is the place to be at night. If you just walk through the alleys, there are a lot of choices of food and drink venues.

Korean Restaurant in Seomyeon
I found this: a Korean restaurant with a front yard and two floors.
Korean Restaurant in Seomyeon
There was some Japanese feel in the architecture design. Nice.
Korean Restaurant in Seomyeon
The restaurant is pretty big but crowded with customers. This is just one of the dining sections. The wooden fixtures, dim lighting and the casual atmosphere make it feels like an Izakaya in Japan.
Korean restaurant in Seomyeon
The menu is in Korean only and people here don’t really speak English. So I ordered a bibimbap which is always available.
Korean restaurant in Seomyeon
Then I asked for some noodles. They have seaweed udon which was perfect.
Korean restaurant in Seomyeon
Not knowing what to order, I looked around and saw that other customers were having this half-and-half Korean pancake (Pajeon) which looked interesting. So I ordered one as well. One half was the traditional green union pancake, the other is gimchi flavour. It tasted pretty good.
Korean restaurant in Seomyeon
The portions were pretty big. This is a dinner for two.
看看蔥餅和一大碗麵的份量!一點都不小。 這是兩人份量的晚餐。
Korean restaurant in Seomyeon
The price here in this type of local restaurant is very reasonable. The noodle and rice were only KRW 4,000 and 4,500. The pancake was KRW 6,500. This dinner was approximately HK$100 only. Amazing!
這樣地道的餐廳價格十分合理,麵和飯是4,000-4,500 韓元,一大碟蔥餅是6,500 韓元。一個兩人份的晚餐大約港幣100! 十分划算。

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