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Kojima Jeans Street

Locating at the southern tip of Okayama prefecture right by Seto Inland Sea, Kojima is a the last stop of JR train south before you connect to Shikoku from Okayama. As a seaside land, the soil was too salty to grow rice. Hence all farmers started to grow cotton. During the Edo Period a few hundred years ago, Kojima flourished to become a textile town producing Sanada-himo (the cotton strap of swords), then Tabi (the traditional split toes socks in Japan), and later uniforms for students from all over Japan until synthetic fibre became popular in 20th centuries.

Inspired by the casual jeans look of the America, one of the textile company (now Big John) produced the first Japanese jeans in Kojima in 1965. It was a big hit in Japan. Soon after, more jeans factories joined the production of jeans. Kojima becomes the jeans town in Japan and famous for producing high quality denim products.

Momotaro Jeans 桃太郎牛仔褲
Momotaro Jeans is one of the most famous Japanese brands offering high quality custom-made jeans. Today, they have outlets in Okayama station, Osaka, Hiroshima and Tokyo.
Kojima jeans street 兒島牛仔褲一條街
Authentic, high quality, and made in Japan are the key selling propositions of the jeans shops in Kojima.
Kojima jeans street 兒島牛仔褲街
Kojima Jeans Street started with only 3 shops in 2009. Now, there are 38 shops stretching 400 meters long.
Kojima jeans street 兒島牛仔褲街
However, please check the signage before you walk into the shops. Many shops do not allow photography. Some sells jeans for men only.
Kojima Jeans Street 兒島牛仔褲街
Yet, you will see jeans motif everywhere. If you want selfie, do it on the street.
Kojima Station 兒島站
Access: Jeans Street is around 15 minutes walk from JR Kojima Station.

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