Kobe Mosaic Mall

Opened since 1992 as a cultural hub connecting the city and the sea, Kobe Harbourland features a wide array of commercial, shopping and entertainment facilities. Kobe Mosaic Mall is part of Umie, a large shopping complex which consists of 3 blocks of shopping arcades: South mall, North mall and Mosaic mall. Locating right by the waterfront, Mosaic Mall offers the best harbour view of Kobe from both the wooden open deck and ferris wheel, popular shops and dining options. Here are some of the highlights.

Kobe Anpanman Museum 神戶麵包超人博物館
The Anpanman Children’s Museum is an indoor entertainment playground for young children. it opens daily from 10:00~18:00. Shop opens till 19:00. Closed on New Year Eve. ¥1,800 per person. Free for infants up to 1 year old.
神戶的麵包超人博物館在這裡啊!是小朋友的天地。每天10:00~18:00營業。商店營業至19:00。 元旦休息。入場費(一歲以上)¥1,800。
Kobe Harbourland 神戶海港
The night view from the wooden deck of Mosaic Mall is spectacular and romantic.
Eavus Kobe
Eavus is a Kobe brand for original bags and pouches.
Eavus 是一個神戶品牌袋專門店。
Eavus Kobe
All bags and pouches are original design with multiple color and different ways of carrying. Versatile and fashionable.
Frantz is a famous Kobe dessert company specializig in pudding, chocolate and sweets. It is a not-to-be-missed dessert and souvenir place when visiting Kobe.
Asoko Kobe
Asoko is a variety store where you can buy great souvenirs at affordable price in Japan.
Asoko 是一間生活雜貨店,店內商品多元化而且價錢大眾化,是買手信最佳地方之一。
Asoko Kobe
Popular items include this signature design products. All pouches and tote bags are only a few hundred yen.
Asoko Kobe
The adorable Hello Kitty products remain popular.
可愛的 Hello Kitty 產品是受歡迎產品,永遠買不完。
Matcha House
Maccha House specializing in matcha dessert is one of the popular dessert cafes on 2F Mosaic Mall. There is always a queue outside the cafe.
Matcha House
The matcha tiramisu and parfait taste really good with strong matcha flavor!
抹茶 Tiramisu 及芭菲抹茶味道濃郁,非常好味道!
Kobe Mosaic Mall
Mosaic Mall
1 Chome-7-2 Higashikawasakicho, Chuo Ward, Kobe.
Shops: 10:00~21:00
Restaurants: 11:00~22:00
Access: 10 minutes walk from JR Kobe Station or Subway Kaigan Line Harborland Station
商店營業時間 10:00~21:00
餐廳 11:00~22:00

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