Kitano Meister Garden

Kitano Meister Garden was first built as Kobe city primary school in the foreign residence’s area in 1908. An extension of the Eastern Block was built in 1931, featuring 3 storeys and arched corridors. There were 1,400 students at its peak, dropped to 1,142 after the wars, and continued to decline as the population decreases. This did not just happen to this particular school. It was a general phenomenon. Over the past decades, many schools were closed and merged.

In 1995, the 6.9 on moment magnitude scale Great Hanshin earthquake (or Kobe earthquake) has badly damaged the Northern Block of the school but the Eastern Block miraculously survived the earthquake with only minor damage. It is considered a lucky building but the school was eventually closed down in 1996.

In 1998, the venue was opened again as Kitano Meister Garden, turning the classrooms into workshops and shops where people can enjoy learning in this unique building. Today, it becomes a popular tourist spot, attracting more than 1,000,000 visitors every year.

Kitano Meister Garden 北野工坊
In 1998, the school was converted into a unique space featuring 20 workshops and shops.
Kitano Meister Garden 北野工坊
1F was mainly shops selling popular Kobe brands and products.
Kitano Meister Garden 北野工坊
Kobe blue checkers stationeries and accessories are great souvenirs.
Fueki Yasashii medicated cream
This is Fueki Yasashii medicated cream, not the glue! Make sure you don’t mix it up in case you have both. Well, you wouldn’t want to put glue on your face or body 😉
Kitano Meister Garden 北野工坊
Facial soaps made from the edible konjac, all natural. 蒟蒻洗面皂,天然成分不會乾燥。
Kitano Meister Garden 北野工坊
The Match House is one of the most interesting shops, selling a wide variety of matches including some collectible items.
Kitano Meister Garden 北野工坊
Not only you can buy these adorable buns, but you may also make them in the shop. Do it yourself!
Kitano Meister Garden 北野工坊
Handmade candles. Nice!
Kitano Meister Garden 北野工坊
One of the good things about taking classes here is that if there is a larger group, the classes are conducted in a shared classroom.
Kitano Meister Garden 北野工坊
Voila! The DIY pin. A great gift for your friends or yourself.
Kitano Meister Garden 北野工坊
Address: Hyōgo-ken, Kōbe-shi, Chūō-ku, Nakayamatedōri, 3 Chome−17.
Tel: 078-221-6868
Business hours: 10:00~18:00
電話: 078-221-6868

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