Is Taiping Mountain in Yilan a Must See?

Some say the Victoria Peak in Yilan is beautiful but most say couldn’t see anything. What does it mean?  It’s a matter of luck and timing.

Located at 2,000 meters above sea level, Mt. Taiping is one of the three major national forest recreation areas in Taiwan. The mountain is rich in ecological resources, offering easy access to natural and man-made forests, alpine lake, waterfall and hot spring. There are a few walking trails where you can enjoy a nice walk in the mountain and beautiful view. Many come here to see the sun rise and the “sea of clouds”.  It really is a matter of luck if you get to see beautiful views of low clouds.  Mountain climate is unpredictable. For a day trip, it is recommended that you go early morning and return after lunch before it becomes too foggy. Low visibility is dangerous for driving.

The mountain is located in the South West of Yilan, an average of at least 2 hours away from Yilan city. If you wish to go further to the Cuifeng Lake, the largest alpine lake in Taiwan, it takes another half an hour. If you drive, please make sure you have enough gas before you go on the trip.

Mount Taiping in Yilan. 宜蘭太平山。
Mount Taiping in Yilan. 宜蘭太平山。
The entrance of Mt Taiping Recreation Area 太平山森林遊樂區入口
The park entrance of Mt Taiping and Tourist Centre was half-buried in soil after the super typhoon in August 2015. 宜蘭太平的入口及遊客中心被2015年8月份颱風帶來的山泥傾瀉半埋沒。
Old trains at the entranec of Mt Taiping 太平山入口的舊火車
Old trains at the entrance of Mt Taiping 太平山入口的舊火車




Seeing the bright sky walking trail in Mt Taiping 見晴懷古步道
One of the walking trail in Mt Taiping along the old railway. 太平山上的見晴懷古步道。
Cuifeng Lake Walking Trail in Mt Taiping. 翠峰湖步道
The Cuifeng Lake Walking Trail in Mt Taiping. 翠峰湖步道
The Cuifeng Lake in Mt Taiping 太平山翠峰湖
The Cuifeng Lake in Mt Taiping 太平山翠峰湖
The restaurant in Mt Taiping 宜蘭太平山的餐廳
The only restaurant/canteen in Mt Taiping. You may pack your lunch or simply eat here. 太平山上唯一的餐廳,如果沒有帶午餐,就要在這裏吃了
Organic vegetarian food at the restaurant of Mt Taiping 太平山的有機菜
Simple lunch meals at the restaurant of Mt Taiping: organic vegetarian or mixed meat with rice and soup. 太平山上的餐廳提供簡餐:素菜或混肉(也有菜)及湯、飯。蔬菜都是有機的。
Coffee shop in Mt Taiping 太平山咖啡茶座
The coffee shop across from the restaurant in Mt Taiping is a good place to hang out and enjoy the mountain view. You may see some photos of the logging history there. 太平山餐廳對面的咖啡茶座是欣賞風景及休閒的好地方。這裏有一些太平山伐木時代的照片。
Maple-liked trees outside the main restaurant. 餐廳外貌似楓葉的樹。
There is a strip of maple-liked trees outside the main restaurant of Mt Taiping. It’s red in the summer! 太平山餐廳外有兩排似楓葉的樹,這些樹夏天是紅色的。
Mt Taiping natural forest park. 太平山原始森林公園
Natural forest area of Mt Taiping. This is up the stairs at the entrance of the restaurant. 太平山餐廳門外可以直上樓梯到原始森林公園。




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