Iron Chain Bridge & Tamchog Llhakang

The Iron Chain Bridge is an unique attraction en route to Thimphu from Paro International Airport. It was built by Thangtong Gyalpo, a reputable Tibetan adept known as “Icon Chain Maker”. People believe that he had superpower and built 180 iron chain bridges by himself across Tibet and Bhutan regions. Many of them are still in use today.

Iron Chain Bridge 鐵鍊橋
The iron chain bridge was opened for public to cross the Paro river until last year. It is now closed for safety reason.
Thangtong Gyalpo 唐東嘉波尊者
The statue in the middle of the mural is Thangtong Gyalpo. He is holding a chain when you take a closer look.
The iron chain 鐵鍊
This is the original hand-made iron chain.
Bridge to Tamchog Llhakang 譚楚廟吊橋
Now you may walk across this bridge which is next to the iron chain bridge to the other side of the river, reaching the Tamchog Llhakang.
現在可以走過旁邊這條吊橋到對岸的譚楚廟 (Tamchog Llhakang)。
Tamchog Llhakang 譚楚廟
It is a private temple called Tamchog Llhakang managed by the descendants of Thangtong Gyalpo. They are still living in the house adjacent to the temple.
Tamchog Llhakang 譚楚廟
Photography is not allowed in the temple where the statues are. But the owner allowed us to take a look at the house they live in.
Tamchog Llhakang 譚楚廟
The main room of the house. It’s a big empty room with not much furnitures. It’s for both living and sleeping.
Kitchen 廚房
The kitchen: traditional wood burning stove and basic utensils. The only modern equipment is the refrigerator.
Doors of the living room
The entrance of the main room is across from the kitchen. The room behind the colorful curtain is a locked private area used for storage according to the owner.
Prayer wheels 經輪
The prayer wheel. Buddhism is the state religion of Bhutan. There are prayers wheels every where. Remember to go clockwise when you walk around and turn the wheels for blessing.
Tamchog Llhakang
It is a good start of the Bhutan journey en route to Thimphu: the historic iron chain bridge, private temple, prayer flags and a clean Paro River. It’s nice every where.

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