Incheon Songdo Central Park

Completely built from scratch and reclaimed land, Songdo International Business District is a new smart city in the Incheon Free Economic Zone. It features some landmark buildings, including the G-Tower, Northeast Asia Trade Tower which is the world’s most expensive private real estate, Tri-bowl Culture Center and a Central Lake Park. The best place to start the experience of the Incheon development is at the observation deck of G-Tower where you will see a panorama view of the area. G stands for Green, Growth and Global, that’s exactly what the Incheon Free Economic Zone is about.

G-Tower in Incheoon
To get a panoramic view of the area, the best view point is on the observation deck of this G-Tower.
要看到仁川松島國際都市全景,可以到這座宏偉的G-Tower 上面的展望台。


G-Tower Lobby 大堂
The lobby of G-Tower is very modern and still very new. Simply walk to the information counter to ask for going up the observation deck. They will check your passport.
G-Tower 的大堂相當寬躺,有天然光,直接走到詢問處,工作人員檢查過旅遊證件,就可以乘坐升降機到空中花園和展望台。


G Tower Observation Deck
Locating on the 29th floor, the observation deck is a spacious outdoor area with glass walls, offering a breath-taking panorama view. It’s free!
展望台位於 G Tower 的29樓,可免費參觀。在這裏,可以看到松島和自由經濟區的環迴景觀,當然很美!


G-Tower Rood Garden & Observation Deck
It’s a pleasant surprise that the roof garden and observation deck is accessible for public because all the Incheon government offices are in the building. This is obviously a breathing space for the staff. There are a few tables and chairs on the deck.
G Tower Observation Deck
There was a tall glass wall around the observation deck with marking of important buildings/structures in sight.


Central Park view from G Tower
The top view of the Central Lake Park and the Northeast Asia Trade Tower in the middle is truly spectacular.


Development of Incheon Free Economic Zone
The development of Incheon Free Economic Zone that consists of Cheongna, Yeongjong and Songdo is a massive development aiming to become the world’s top 3 economic zone with worldclass offices, housing, shopping and lifestyle facilities as well as schools.


Grand piano at Incheon Songdo Central Park
The Central Lake Park is really nice to walk around. This outdoor piano is more than a decoration, there’s music playing automatically, creating a wonderful atmosphere.


Incheon Songdo Central Park
The Songdo International City is designed to create a sustainable community with new technologies and green environment.


Tri-bowl Incheon
This Tri-bowl Cultural Center is a multipurpose, integrated art space where various arts and cultural events and exhibitions take place. It’s a neo-futuristic form has a round floor floating on the water. Very interesting.
Tri-bowl 是一座多用途藝術文化中心,不定期舉行各種文化藝術表演及展覽,其三個碗合體的流線型建築設計獨特,圓形的底部浮在水上,要穿過小橋進入。
Tri-bowl Culture Center in Incheon
Tri-bowl Cultural Center is an amazing structure. It looks great from different angles.
Tri-bowl 文化中心的建築特別,從那一個角度看都很流線型。


Enjoying the Songdo Central Park
A sustainable environment with new technology is designed for people to enjoy. It works!



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