Incheon Art Platform

Locating next to the Incheon China Town, Incheon Art Platform consists of 13 buildings erected in the 30s and 40s. These historic buildings have been renovated into creative art and design studios, education and performance halls. There are also guest houses which I think are designated for artists who want to do stay, create art work or participate in exchange programs.

Incheon Art Platform 仁川藝術平台
I think that this is the Nippon Yusen Kaisah building, a Japanese shipping company’s warehouse. It’s a designated Cultural Property of Korea and a landmark of the Incheon Art Platform. The golden color statues of workers carrying goods signify the sea port trading back in the old days.
Incheon Art Platform 仁川藝術平台
The area consists of 13 buildings which were erected in 1930s to 1940s. They are all preserved with the original structure.
Incheon Art Platform 仁川藝術平台
This is the directory of where the studios, exhibition and performance halls are.
Incheon Art Platform 仁川藝術平台
There is a stairwell next to the theatre where you can go up and talk a look.
Incheon Art Platform 仁川藝術平台
It’s very pleasant to walk around to appreciate these historic buildings.
Incheon Art Platform 仁川藝術平台
There are a few random art pieces in the area.
Incheon Art Platform 仁川藝術平台
The plan of the Incheon Art Platform is to revitalize the old downtown area through cultural and artistic activities.
Incheon Art Platform 仁川藝術平台
These chairs and the photos indicated that some workshops were held outdoor.
Incheon Art Platform 仁川藝術平台
Can you see this face on the ground? There’s another one on the wall.
Incheon Art Platform 仁川藝術平台
Museum of Korean Modern Literature
Incheon Art Platform 仁川藝術平台
The area is expected to be developed into a huge street museum with the Incheon Art Platform as the center, preserving some historic establishments while nurturing creativity and connecting the present with the past.

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