Ichiran Ramen + Matcha Tofu

Ramen is one of the most popular foods in Japan. It’s quick and easy.

Starting in Fukuoka in the 60s, Ichiran has been one of the most famous ramen restaurants and now have branches in many prefectures in Japan. There are about 14 branches in Tokyo, more than the number of branches than it’s home base Fukuoka.

Ichiran ramen in Shibuya, Tokyo 東京涉谷一蘭拉麵
Queuing up for an hour for food is never my thing. There are two branches in Shibuya, one close to the Shibuya station which is very crowded, and this one is at the back street near Parco. Branch name is Ichiran Spain-Kaza. I had queued up for about 15 minutes.
我從來都不喜歡排長龍吃飯,特別是在有其他餐廳選擇的地方。一蘭拉麵在涉谷就有兩間分店,一間在車站附近大街,人龍很長;另一間在後街,近 Parco,排隊的人較少,我排了約15分鐘便有座位。
Ichiran ramen in Shibuya, Tokyo 東京涉谷一蘭拉麵
Same as any other Ichiran branches, all customers have to order food from the vending machine before seated.
Ichiran ramen in Shibuya, Tokyo 東京涉谷一蘭拉麵
The key to success of Ichiran ramen is the quality: home-made noodle with the right texture, original red sauce with secret recipe, fresh scallions and the classic Tokutsu (pork-based) soup. The water and 100% natural oil are the magic that make the noodle tasty and healthy to eat, making you feel like wanting more.
Ichiran ramen in Shibuya, Tokyo 東京涉谷一蘭拉麵
The basic noodle costs ¥980, ¥120 for a half-boiled egg. You may specify the stiffness of the noodles, spiciness, slides of pork, oil and scallions are optional. You may even specify whether you want the white or green part of the scallions,a truly custom-made bowl of noodle to your taste.
Ichiran ramen in Shibuya, Tokyo 東京涉谷一蘭拉麵
Well, I’ve had Ichiran ramen quite a few times in Fukuoka. So it wasn’t my top choice of dinner until I saw this: Matcha Toful Pudding! Very tempting. I gotta try this.
Ichiran ramen in Shibuya, Tokyo 東京涉谷一蘭拉麵
Dessert! Matcha Tofu. The only difference between the photo and the real thing is that the matcha sauce was covering the tofu. With a goji berry in the middle. Looks great and taste good! Thumbs up.

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