Hokkaido Winter Festival 2017

Hokkaido is one of the most exciting place to be in Japan during winter! Not only it is one of the best places for ski, onsen, crabs and ramen, the beautiful and fun winter festivals make it more fun and interesting. Between end of January and middle of March, visiting Hokkaido is a lot more fun. You may taking photos with the impressive ice and snow sculptures, enjoy the outdoor festival atmospheres, and play various game and rides. It’s great for families with children, too!

Sapporo Winter Festival 札幌雪祭
The Sapporo Winter Festival is the biggest ice and snow festival in Hokkaido. The Odori venue stretches over 12 blocks in the center of Sapporo city, creating a huge venue with lots of ice and snow sculptures, food and drink booths, a skating rink and more.
2017 Sapporo Winter Festival: 6-12 February 2017
Susukino ice festival 博野冰祭
The second site in Sapporo city is the Susukino Site. Several blocks of roads are used to display ice sculptures sponsored by companies and institutes. Fish and crabs in frozen sculptures and ice bars are the special features in this site.
2017 Winter Festival: 6-13 February 2017
Tsudome site winter festival 札幌圓頂雪祭
The third venue in is the outskirt of Sapporo city: Tsudome site. There is a big site with many slides, activities, and an indoor venue with games and food and drink booths. A great site for families with children.
2017 Winter Festival: 1-12 February 2017.
Lake Shikotsu Ice Festival 支笏湖冰濤祭
Lake Shikotsu Huoyo Festival an amazing site with a similar set up as Sounkyo. The frozen ice festival is created from the lake water. Illumination in the evening makes it look like a winter wonderland and there’s a fireworks show at the weekends.
2017 Lake Shikotsu Hyoto Festival: 27 January to 19 February 2017.
Otaru winter festival 小樽雪祭
Otaru Snow Path along the canal is probably the most romantic winter festival site. All ice sculptures are built by the community and volunteers and also lite manually every night.
2017 Otaru Snow Festival: 3-12 February 2017.
Otaru winter festival 小樽雪祭
The Temiya Railway is another snow path site in Otaru. It’s on the way between the JR station and canal. In addition to the warm snow path, the local community also offered grilled sweet photo for tourists for free last year. So sweet!
Asahikawa Winter Festival 旭川雪祭
Asahikawa Winter Festival features the single largest ice sculpture with the longest slide in Hokkaido every year. There are other games and activities on the ice that are suitable for families with children.
2017 Asahikawa Winter Festival: 7-12 February 2017.
Sounkyo Ice Fall Festival 層雲峽冰濤
Sounkyo Winter Festival is a winter wonderland with color lighting at night and fireworks at the weekend.
2017 Sounkyo Ice Fall Festival: 25 January to 20 March 2017.
2017 層雲峽冰濤日期:2017年1月25日-3月20日。

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