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Grilled Kumano Beef

Kumano Beef 熊野牛

When you visit the famous Kumano Grand Shrines, the UNESCO World Heritage sacred sites and pilgrimage routes, don’t miss out the chance to taste the Kumano beef which is one of the famous high quality beef in Japan.

Kumano beef is a high quality beef descended from Tajima Beef, a type of Japanese Black. Tajima beef cattles are raised in Hyogo Prefecture in West Japan. Back in the old days, all nobles and kings visiting the grand shrines came from Kyoto. They went on foot and took a long time, bringing all the food supply along the pilgrimage route. The rich natural resources and climate of Kumano create a favorable environment for raising healthy beef cattle, resulting in delicious beef. Kumano beef restaurants are mostly grilled restaurants. There are quite a lot of choices around Shingu JR Station which is near the Kumano Hayatama Taisha Grand Shrine.

Yakiniku Hige 焼き肉ひげ
Yakiniku-Hige is one of the recommended grilled beef restaurant in Shingu. The address is: 4-3-19 Kamikura Shingu Wakayama. Tel: 0735-21-3488.
新宮附近就有一間推薦熊野牛餐廳「焼き肉ひげ」,地址是:日本和歌山県 新宮市 神倉 4-3-19。電話:0735-21-3488。
Yakiniku Hige 焼き肉ひげ
The restaurant has two storeys, the kitchen and bar counter are on the ground level.
Yakiniku Hige 焼き肉ひげ
The main sitting area is on the upper floor. Japanese style. There is a grill stove in the middle of each seat.
Yakiniku-Hige 焼き肉いげ
The menu for lunch is simple. There are 5 different grilled sets, a beef bowl and a couple of choices for beef curry.
Yakiniku-Hige 焼き肉いげ
There is a choice of beef. This is the higher quality grilled beef set that costs ¥1,500. It includes a salad, a bowl of rice, fresh vegetables and a miso soup. It’s not expensive at all.
Yakiniku-Hige 焼き肉ひげ
You have to grill the beef yourself so you can’t blame anyone if it’s over cooked.
Yakiniku-Hige 焼き肉ひげ
The grilled beef tastes great but it’s hard to grill the vegetables though!
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