Good Breakfast after a Red-eye Flight

The challenge of flying to Busan, South Korea direct from Hong Kong is the red-eye flight. All flights take off at around 2am Hong Kong time. Then some airlines serve meal (really) on board. Nice, but really who wants to eat at 3am? Finally the lights are off and you may be lucky to get an hour sleep. Then the captain calls for landing announcement…

Busan isn’t that big so it doesn’t take that long to get to your hotel which won’t let you check in until 3pm. Not much is open that early. So every time I would find a nice coffee shop, enjoy a nice breakfast (coffee, of course) until my body is ready to go out for some activities.

Queen's Brown coffee in Busan
Staying in Seomyeon Station, I found this Queen’s Brown coffee shop around the subway station. Looks nice and there were customers in it.
這次我住在釜山的西面站附近,找到這間 Queen’s Brown 咖啡室,看來不錯,有些顧客,即管試試。
Queens' Brown cafe in Busan
The restaurant is very comfortable, window facade, brick walls, and wooden furniture.
Queen's Brown cafe in Busan
My wake up coffee, a cappuccino.
Queen's Brown in Busan
The best seller of the restaurant is this panini set with a coffee. KRW 10,000.
這款義式三文治+咖啡是Queen’s Brown 咖啡室的皇牌套餐,每份 10,000 韓元。
Queen's Brown cafe in Busan
The panini is honey and cheese flavor. A la carte price is KRW 8,500. It’s really big and good to share.
Queen's Brown cafe in Busan
Cafe’s name on all cutlery, very fancy.
Queen's Brown cafe in Busan
I didn’t feel that bad this after the overnight flight. Could be worse.

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