1 Character x 20 Train Stations

Japan is one of the most developed countries with extensive railway networks throughout the country. While the bullet train Shinkansen and Japan Railway (JR) are about speed and efficiency, some of the local trains are interesting in a different way. In Kochi, the Tosa Kuroshio Tetsudo(Railway) Gomen-Nahari Line was characterized by 20 unique figures designed by Kochi-born artist Takashi Yanase, the creator of “Anpanman” Animate.

Gomen-Nahari Line 後免-奈半利線
Each of the figures was designed to reflect the characteristics of the neighborhood of each station.
Gomen-Nahari Line 後免-奈半利線
The characters are made into 3D mascots and displayed at each station to welcome visitors.
Gomen-Nahari Line 後免-奈半利線
Train cars are decorated too.
Gomen-Nahari Line 後免-奈半利線
There is also a special retro train with open air and foldable seats that makes the journey interesting.
Gomen-Nahari Line 後免-奈半利線
The train is pretty small. Two seaters and foldable single chairs.
Gomen-Nahari Line 後免-奈半利線
The open area is the length of the train, allowing passenger to view get fresh air and look at the view. It’s a unique experience with no window!
Gomen-Nahari Line 後免-奈半利線
There is a One-day Pass for unlimited rides on this line. Great for railfans!
這條Gomen-Nahari Line 後免-奈半利線有一日放題,無限次上落,火車迷不要錯過!

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