Gangtey Monastery in Phobjikha Valley

Locating 3,000 meters above sea level, Gangtey Monastery (also known as Gantey Gongpa) is uniquely positioned overlooking the largest the largest and the most significant wetland valley in the country – Phobjikha Valley.

It was first built as a small village monastery in 1613 and later expanded into a monastery complex with a main central tower surrounded by 5 temples. The monastery has been completely restored from 2002 to 2008, preserving the old structures, carvings and paintings while putting in 104 new pillars. Today, Gangtey Monastery Complex consists of the main tower, surrounded by monks’ living quarters, meditation halls and a guest house. It is a tranquil monastery with a spectacular view of Phobjikha Valley which is 3,000 above sea level.

Gangtey Monastery 崗堤寺
There are three entrances to Gangtey Monastery. This is the entrance from the village where you may take a short walk.
Gangtey Monastery 崗堤寺
This is the front entrance of the monastery.
Gangtey Monastery 崗堤寺
There is a big courtyard in the central after you entered the main gate. The main tower is on the right side of the photo.
Gangtey Monastery 崗堤寺
Local people come to pray during the day. They all tend to keep a distance from the main hall.
Gangtey Monastery 崗堤寺
Classes are held in a hall. It looks like the junior monks are lead by the senior reading scripts.
Gangtey Monastery 崗堤寺
The young monks in the monastery are very friendly and speak some English. Some have just started a couple of years ago.
Gangtey Monastery 崗堤寺
The monastery is in a prime location with a stunning view of the Phojikha Valley.I think this monk is trying to look for black neck cranes in the valley. There is a special Black Neck Crane Festival held in the monastery in November every year, attracting many locals people and tourists.

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