Fresh Soba in Jozankei: Koyo-tei

Hokkaido is famous for noodles. Almost everywhere has its unique and famous noodle types and soup base. Koyo-tei is one of the oldest restaurants established in 1927. Koyo-tei means “Autumn leaves pavilion” in Chinese character which sound right in the autumn season. The restaurant is located along the river where there are maple leaves around the neighborhood.

What’s special about this restaurant is that the soba noodles are freshly hand-made by the owner every morning. All vegetables served are pesticide-free and the soba sauce ingredients varied depending on the season to ensure healthy and good taste.

Koyo-tei in Jozankei 定山溪紅葉亭
The restaurant is quite spacious, with 3 sets of Japanese seating area, some counter seats and tables in the middle. Very pleasant and well maintained as a 90-year old restaurant.
Koyo-tei in Jozankei 定山溪紅葉亭
There is an English menu with the increased no. of tourists to this nice onsen area. Very handy.
Koyo-tei in Jozankei 定山溪紅葉亭
While I was waiting for my noodle, the waitress showed me the photos of the owner who apparently a fishing enthusiast. He goes fishing often and obviously serves with his own catch.
Koyo-tei in Jozankei 定山溪紅葉亭
The master chef is right there cooking in the open kitchen. That’s something nice about the Japan tradition: you can see and feel the heart they put in their work.
Koyo-tei in Jozankei 定山溪紅葉亭
The master chef is the third generation owner of Koyo-tei. It’s nice of him to let me take a photo and smile to the camera.
Koyo-tei in Jozankei 定山溪紅葉亭
I ordered the tempura soba, which is the best in the restaurant.
Koyo-tei Soba in Jozankei 定山溪紅葉亭
The soba is hand-made using stone-ground flour by the owner every morning. The noodles are very smooth and soft.
Koyo-tei Soba in Jozankei 定山溪紅葉亭
The tempura consists of a piece of “masu” fish I think (Cherry Salmon), a prawn and mixed fresh vegetables. Fresh and delicious!
Koyo-tei in Jozankei 定山溪紅葉亭
I like tempura soba in Japan. When it’s not so cold, having cold soba is more original.
Koyo-tei in Jozankei 定山溪紅葉亭
The restaurant is by the river not far from the Tourism Office on the main road.
Address: Sapporo, Hokkaido , Minami-ku Jozankei Onsenhigashi 3-chome.
Phone: 011-598-2421 Open: 11:00-19:30

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