Flower hot spring, open-air private onsen, foot bath & more.

After hiking up several hundred to 1,368 steps one way to Konpirasan, you would want a nice break. Onsen (hot spring), foot bath, massage, good dinner would be nice. At the bottom of the Konpirasan, there are a few options. One of the more popular and established onsen hotel is Koubaitai.

In addition to a variety of hotel rooms from including regular Japanese tatami rooms to luxury suites and those which a private onsen in the room, the hotel offers several choices of hot spring. The basement floor features large public bath for men and women. There are both indoor and open-air hot tubs. For the ladies, there is a flower bath, a fruit bath and a sauna room, taking hot spring to a new level. If you want more privacy with your loved one, private onsen is available for rent.

Koubaitei Hanasumika Onsen 紅梅亭「はな露天」
Flower onsen is probably the most appealing to the ladies. Soaking in a nice warn open-air hot tub with fresh floating flowers is a true pamper. Available from 15:00~24:00.
Koubaitei open-air hot spring. 紅梅亭男士露天風呂
The men’s open-air tub. 男士的露天風呂。
Koubaitei Onsen 紅梅亭溫泉
The large public bath looks pretty much the same for both men and women.
Koubaitei Onsen 紅梅亭溫泉
Garden Terrace hot spring is locating on 1F. It is an open-air hot spring with a nice garden view. Open from 06:00~10:00 and 15:00~23:00.
庭園風呂位於1樓,也有室內及露天風呂。每天 06:00~10:00及 15:00~23:00 開放。
Koubaitei Onsen 紅梅亭溫泉
The open air for ladies feel like soaking hot spring in the wood.
Koubaitei Onsen 紅梅亭溫泉
There are also indoor and open-air tubs for men, offering a variety of experience.
Koubaitei Onsen 紅梅亭溫泉
For those who want privacy. There are two options for charter. This “moon” room is available for charter at 08:00~09:00 and 15:00~22:00.
想享受私人風呂,可以預約位於 8F 的貸切風呂,這間「月湯」於 08:00~09:00及15:00~22:00時段可以租借。
Koubaitei 紅梅亭
The “Star Onsen” is available for charter at 08:00~09:30 and 15:30~22:30.
「星湯」可於 08:30~09:30及15:30~22:30時段內租借。
Koubaitei 紅梅亭
If you want a private onsen within your room so that you may enjoy it any time, some hotel rooms are available.
Koubaitei 紅梅亭
The hotel also offer outdoor foot bath and massage room in the garden.
Koubaitei 紅梅亭
Best of the best, a Japanese style suite with a great view. It is a special room that fits 2 to 4 people.
Koudaitei 紅梅亭
This luxury suite is designed with two mattresses for those who want more comfort.
Koubaitei 紅梅亭
The other desirable room is the room with a private onsen and a massage chair.
Koubaidei 紅梅亭
The open-air private hotspring tub in the room fits 2 people.
Koubaitei 紅梅亭
Address: 556-1 Kotohira-Cho, Nakatado-Gun, Kawaga, Japan
Tel: 877-75-1111

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