Exquisite Sushi at Tsukiji Market in Tokyo

Before the move of the world’s largest wholesale fish and seafood market to Toyoso in November 2016, I took a chance to enjoy another nice lunch while it remains in its convenient location in the center of Tokyo. This time, I am not going to any of the 24/7 sushi restaurants nor the ones that are crowded with foreign tourists. I prefer somewhere nice and quiet with good quality of food and service.

Aozora Sandaime 築地青空三代目
I have an eye on one of the best rating rice bowl restaurants: Aozora Sandaime, a low key Japanese restaurant with no queue outside during lunch time. But was full house and there was a small queue inside the restaurants. Filled with local Japanese which is a good sign.
Aozora Sandaime 築地青空三代目
There is a bar counter outside, looking like a drinking bar where customers can eat, drink and smoke at night.
Aozora Sandaime 築地青空三代目
There is a small red bridge connecting to the main room, creating a special environment.
Aozora Sandaime 築地青空三代目
The menu was extensive with a lot of choices. The restaurant recommended this set which is available at lunch only. ¥2,700 for 8 pieces of sushi and a small bowl of seafood rice. Sure! I took the recommendation.
餐牌有很多選擇,餐廳建議這個午餐限定套餐,¥2,700 有8款手握壽司和一小碗魚生飯。店長推介,當然要試試。
Aozora Sandaime 築地青空三代目
One of the best way to enjoy Japanese food is to sit at the counter, watching the chef hand make sushi in front of you.
Aozora Sadaime sushi restaurant 築地青空三代目壽司專門店
Delicate sushis are served one by one. Egg rolls on the right and middle-cut tuna on the right with a sprinkle of lemon skin. Adding lemon flavor to tuna is very refreshing.
Aozora Sadaime sushi restaurant 築地青空三代目
Uni (sea urchin) on squid is an interesting combination, complementing the taste of each other. The chef will remind you not to dip soy sauce to taste the original flavor.
Aozora Sandaime 築地青空三代目
Grilled Spanish Mackerel sushi.
Aozora Sandaime 築地青空三代目
Grilled octopus sushi.
Aozora Sadaime sushi restaurant 築地青空三代目
The chef will put a new sushi on the plate in front of you after you finished the last one, ensuring the freshness of the sushi served. This is a sea eel sushi.
Aozora Sandaime sushi restaurant 築地青空三代目
The mixed seafood small rice bowl.
Aozora Sandaime sushi restaurant 築地青空三代目
The sashimi rice bowl is not a traditional one. There is an egg yolk and dried small fish. It tastes really good when you mixed it with the rice! Highly recommended.
Aozora Sandaime 築地青空三代目
Address: 4-13-8 Tsukiji, Chuo, Tokyo 104-0045, Japan. There is a branch in Mitshukoshi in Ginza.

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