Everybody Needs a Hobby

If you are a fan of trading cards, don’t miss your stop at Japan’s largest trading card and card game shop when you visit. There are collectible cards with autographs and a variety of sports trading card, including basketball teams, soccers teams, baseball teams, and more. There are 12 retail outlets throughout Japan:

Tokyo: Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Kanda and Tachikawa
Osaka: Umeda
Other areas: Fukuoka, Yokohama, Urana, Chiba, Sendai and Sapporo

Mint Umeda Shop. Mint 梅田店
The Umeda Shop is at the exit of Kiddyland and across the street of Nu shopping mall. Use Google map to search if you can’t find it. That’s the most efficient way.
梅田站Mint 分店在三阪街Kiddyland 地鐵出口,在 NU 商場對面。找不到用Google Map,最方便。
Mint Umeda Shop. Mint 梅田店
I really like the wordings on its window: Everybody needs a hobby!
我覺得「每個人都需要一個嗜好」,收集Trading cards不一定是小孩玩意!
Mint Umeda Shop. Mint 梅田店
This shop mostly sells sports trading cards but there are some Starwars and random Sega animate cards that I have no idea what they are.
Mint 主要賣運動收藏卡,店裏卻有其他卡如「星球大戰」和 Sega 動漫卡。
Mint Umeda Shop. Mint 梅田店
The shop is filled with display case showing the expensive collectible cards with autographs, sorting by teams and sports.
Mint Umeda Shop. Mint 梅田店
The packaged cards are on the shelf in the middle. The good thing is that they would honestly put “new” signs on the items for easy reference.
Mint Umeda Shop. Mint 梅田店
The Mint Shinjuku shop is located at M2 floor of a small shopping mall called Adhoc.
東京新宿店位於adhoc 商場M2,商場有兩旁入口。
Mint Sports Trading Cards
The March and April 2016 soccer cards available at Mint. There is a launch schedule at the shop or you may order online. But there is no overseas shipping. If you would like Travelmomo to help you buy the cards, please message us on our Facebook page or email us.
2016年3月和4月份出的足球卡,Mint 店內有一年新卡發售時間表,可以在網上訂購,但不設海外郵寄服務。如有需要,可以聯絡我們幫忙購買,在Travelmomo Facebook 專頁或電郵即可。

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