DIY Kumquat (citrus) Jam

Yilan is rich in agricultural resources with a lot of farm lands growing various agricultural products.

The story of this Kumquat Jam DIY workshop began like this: Kumquat is abundant in Yilan. In fact, 90% of kumquat in Taiwan is grown here. People didn’t know what to do with this excess supply of citrus fruit. An old lady with medical background thought that it was a waste because kumquat has medical value. She often boiled kumquat drink for the villagers for better health. The first generation of Agrioz owner carried her believe in “serve people with what you eat” and developed healthy kumquat products with no artificial colouring, added sugar, etc. The second generation of owner expand the business further by adding healthy elements which as low calories and wellness.

When you come to Yilan, there are quite a few DIY factories that you may visit. Agrioz (Chinese name: The Village of Kumquat) is one of the famous ones. It’s a well-designed DIY place with a DIY workshop area, a semi-outdoor coffee shop and a shop. Many people come here to take pre-wedding photos.

Kumguat DIY workshop 金橘蜜餞DIY工作坊
The Kumquat DIY workshop offer 20-minute class for groups or individuals. You may bring your own jam home. It’s a great activities for students and families. 金橘蜜餞DIY工作坊提供團體或個人製作金橘蜜餞,製作完可把作品帶回家,是一個非常好的學生及親子活動。
Fruit jams 果醬
There are many other fruits that can be made into Jams. 除了橘子外,也有其他水果可以製成果醬。
The guard at Agrioz. 橘子之鄉的守護狗狗。
“On diet. Don’t feed me”. So cute! He looks like he really needs to get in shape. “在減肥。不要餵我。” 很可愛!看他的大肚子,真的要減肥。
The big chair in Agrioz. 橘子之鄉的超大椅子。
The super big chair and table are the signature interior decoration at Agrioz. 這超級大座椅是橘子之鄉最特別的擺設。
The coffee shop at Agrioz. 橘子之鄉的咖啡廳。
The coffee shop is a nice place for an afternoon tea. 這裏的咖啡廳環境優美,可以舒舒服服地嘆一個下午茶。



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