DIY Red Bean Crepes

Lined with many unique shops, cafes, art galleries and museums in both white walled houses and early western buildigns, Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarater in Okayama Japan is one of the best places showcasing traditional culture. Tasting local food is a favorite things for tourists. In the old town, you may also experience how to make the red bean crepe with your own hand.

Kikkodo 橘香堂
Established in 1868, Kikkodo is one of the most famous local sweet shops in Kurashiki. The Bikan area branch is located right by the entrance to the main street.
Kikkodo 橘香堂
Not only you can buy various local sweets, you may also make your own fresh crepes.
Kikkodo 橘香堂
Literally, you have to make it with your own hand, flipping the crepes on the 180 celsius degree hot plate! What an experience!
Kikkodo 橘香堂
There are two types of crepes you can make. 3 small ones with red bean pastes for ¥600 or one jumbo size for ¥1,200.
Kikkodo 橘香堂
It takes about 5 minutes to get this done (really you don’t want any longer because the hot plate was very hot.) Does it taste good? You bet.
Kikkodo 橘香堂
Kikkodo has 5 outlets in Okayama. Only the Kurashiki Bikan area shop offers DIY workshop. No appointments are required.
Address: 2-22-13 Achi Kurashiki Okayama
Tel: 086-424-5725
website: kikkodo.com

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