Delightful Meal in Spring

It seems like picnic under the cherry trees is not a privilege for human. Walking around the moat of Himeji Castle in leisure, I saw a group of cats gathered together for an early dinner with a beautiful spring backdrop of the Himeji Castle. All cats are in different colors yet about the same size and look healthy. Very interesting!

Himeji Castle 姬路城
I think that these cats are living in the area between Himeji Castle and Koko-En. They all jumped onto a bench where the food was.
Himeji Castle 姬路城
There were two kind-hearted Japanese ladies who brought cat food (not the left over food from lunch/dinner) and put it in disposable plates for the cats in the late afternoon.
Himeji Castle 姬路城
These cats look like they are well cared for. All in good shape.
Himeji Castle 姬路城
They are full! Some left the bench but still hang around.

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