Delicious Food in Kyushu

Locating in the southwest of Japan, Kyushu is the second largest island consisting of 7 prefectures and their outlying islands. In addition to fresh seafood from the surrounded waters, each prefecture has its own authentic local cuisine that are must-eat while you are there.

Delicious Food in Hakata 博多美食
While the pork bone soup ramen is the most famous in Hakata, there is a wide variety of delicious food including hamburger (that go with rice), motsunabe, chicken hot pot, mentaiko, fried dumplings and of course strawberries.
Delicious Food in Saga 佐賀美食
Saga beef is one of the famous branded beef in Japan. Besides, seafood, squid and Sicilian Rice are also gourmet food in Saga.
Delicious Food in Nagasaki 長崎拉麵
Nagasaki has traditionally been one of the ports opened for foreign trades, resulting in Western and Chinese influence. “Chanpon” a Chinese seafood soup noodle is one of the famous local food.
Delicious Food in Oita 大分美食
Oita prefecture is blessed with fresh “Seki aji” and “Seki saba” which are two types of mackerel caught in Bungo Channel. Besides, tempura chicken “Toriten” is more popular and available everywhere in Oita prefecture.
Delicious Food in Kumamoto 熊本美食
Kumamoto is the place for horse meat! The Kumamoto ramen is also nice and unique, different from those in Hakata.
Delicious Food in Kagoshima 鹿兒島美食
Kagoshima is the largest pork producer in Japan. It’s Kurobuta Pork has over 400 years of history and very popular. There are many different ways of cooking to suit your taste. Besides “Satsuma-age” fish cake, the potato brewed wine, and the shaved-ice are popular nation-wide.
Delicious Food in Miyazaki 宮崎美食
Miyazaki beef has been one of the popular branded beef in Japan. Miyazaki Jidokko (chicken in charcoal grill), deep-fried chicken with Nanban sauce, mango and Hyuganatsu (a type of citrus fruit) are all local specialties.

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