Creative Japanese Cuisine

Locating just about 10-15 minutes on foot from JR Kiso Fukushima Station, Nagomian Hidatei is a Japanese restaurant that offers traditional Japanese cuisine with creative twist in a centuries old building. The ambience was excellent, food was great, the owner and staffs are friendly and speak English! Thumbs up (Like)!

Nagomian Hidatei 和庵 肥田亭
Nagomian Hidatei is in this lovely old wooden building.
Address: 5248 Agematsu-machi Kiso-gun, Nagano, Japan
和庵 肥田亭就是這座古樸的歷史建築。
地址:長野県木曽郡木曽町福島 上の段 5248番地
Tel 電話:0264-24-2480
Lunch 午餐: 11:30 – 13:30
Dinner 晚餐: 17:30 – 21:00
Nagomian Hidatei 和庵 肥田亭
There is an authentic sitting room with high ceiling, antique furnitures and a boiling pot.
Nagomian Hidatei 和庵 肥田亭
The private dining room on 1F.
Nagomian Hidatei 和庵 肥田亭
The appetizers taste as good as they look.
Nagomian Hidatei 和庵 肥田亭
This grilled sweet fish looks like it is still swimming.
Nagomian Hidatei 和庵 肥田亭
Cook it yourself pork with vegetables on earthen pot. It’s great for autumn/winter when it’s cold outside.
Nagomian Hidatei 和庵 肥田亭
Rice and miso soup always come later in Japanese set dinner when you are almost full.
Nagomian Hidatei 和庵 肥田亭
Japanese cuisine goes well with sake. This tastes good!
Nagomian Hidatei 和庵 肥田亭
With clean spring water and natural environment in high altitude, Kiso is famous for brewing Japanese sake. Some are award-winning. So don’t miss it when you visit Kiso.
Nagomian Hidatei 和庵 肥田亭
One of the key success factors of all restaurants are the passionate owner and staffs. In this type of small restaurant, the owner is also the chef who is so nice not only to the customers, but also to his staffs. When asked for a photo, he would get the staffs to be photographed together (and his precious bottle of wine). What a great boss!

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